🏙️ Happy Birthday to the Composer of Rhapsody in Blue!

September 26th is George Gershwin's Birthday! 

So how can you celebrate?

🏙️ Watch George Gershwin play his own compositions. Here's I Got Rhythm

🏙️ Sight-play his jazz standards like his first hit, Swanee.  

🏙️ Choose a Gershwin piece to start learning as a repertoire piece. 

  • Here are my personal suggestions!
    • S'Wonderful (improvisation transcription)
    • Prelude No. 1
    • Rhapsody in Blue for solo piano

🏙️ Listen to Rhapsody in Blue.

🏙️ Watch Kim Yuna win the Olympics skating to Concerto in F.

🏙️ Watch An American in Paris starring Gene Kelly. 

🏙️ Visit The Music House Museum in Traverse City, MI to listen to Gershwin playing Rhapsody In Blue on the 1925 Webber Duo-Art reproducing piano.

🏙️ Listen to Alan Berg's Lyric Suite

🏙️ Learn to improvise jazz. 

🏙️ Play tennis.

🏙️ Paint a portrait.

🏙️ Read a biography about George Gershwin. 

What are some of your own ideas to celebrate Gershwin's birthday?

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