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💡Aha Moments - What is talent?

August 27, 2022 0 Comments
Bob Ross painting a mountain

“Talent is a pursued interest. Anything that you're willing to practice, you can do.” - Bob Ross

Lately, I've been thinking about what is talent? I've heard from family members, teachers, and peers that I'm talented at the piano. Sometimes this is followed by a self-deprecating comment; that they could never play like me.

From Merriam-Webster's Dictionary:

talent noun
tal·​ent | \ ˈta-lənt \
1a: a special often athletic, creative, or artistic aptitude

aptitude noun
ap·​ti·​tude | \ ˈap-tə-ˌtüd , -ˌtyüd \
b: a natural ability : TALENT

This is what people mean when they say that one is talented. However, did I have a natural ability at the piano? Did I sit down at age 5 and immediately play the complete Chopin Nocturnes with my raw talent?

I think this cartoon by Sarah Andersen is the best description of how I feel about talent. 

Could my innate interest in the piano be a gift from God? Absolutely.  I believe that unique way I was created by God to be interested in music is what gave me the aptitude for countless hours of piano practice. The product of perpetual practice is perceived as talent. 

I agree wholeheartedly with Bob Ross. 

My belief is this:

"Anyone can take piano lessons and have success. It takes participation and consistent practice." - Jenny Melton

Let's do away with our limiting beliefs and work hard towards our goals and interests, whether that be our relationships, careers, or hobbies. Everyone starts somewhere.  For an introduction to how I started playing piano, please check out my first blog post in my series of memoirs about my piano journey

What are your opinions about talent? 


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