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πŸ₯… My Vocational Goal Update

How has my goal to put out 25 physical advertisements for my piano studio gone? Thus far, I have put out 10 physical advertisements: 2 business cards directly handed to inquirers, 1 flyer posted in my local library, and 7 business cards placed on advertising tables at the library and a school. I have until the end of March to put out 15 more!  I have had 2 contacts via email this year.  One nearly committed, but ultimately decided to wait.  My current lead for advertising is my former principal who said I can post a flyer, she will tell my former students, and she will put my information in her weekly newsletter.  I am needing to update my business cards and possibly change my flyer format again.  This has been a difficult endeavor, but I know nothing ventured, nothing gained!  -Jenny

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