Harmony Street

This printable is a fun visual and introduction in the form of an analogy for explaining scale degrees, chords in solfège, quality, cadences, and chord functions in a diatonic major scale to young students.

Alfred's Color Coded Flash Cards and Piano Adventures Correlation Chart

A list matching musical concepts from the Basic Piano Adventures method to Alfred's Color Coded Flashcards. This is helpful when sorting flashcards for students of different levels in one day.

Grand Staff Picture Reference

All the popular grand staff mnemonic devices represented with pictures.

  • Queen Treble Clef
    • G Clef
    • Every Good Burger Deserves Fries
    • FACE
    • Middle C Cat with tail up
  • King Bass Clef
    • F Clef
    • Ground Floor G
    • Astronaut A
    • All Cows Eat Grass
    • Middle C Cat with tail down

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